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  • Hancock – Movie Review

    Hancock movie reveiw picture

    And I like it…

    Fun movie, good story if a little predictable at some point, and Charlize Theron is really hot (well, maybe Will is hot too, but I don’t swing that way…).

    The movie is done well, funny, has good action in it, realistic in a comic-book sense, where the super hero has power but his shades still break. 

    Will Smith is playing great, cool, and beefed up for the job… A few corny moments, but many funny cool ones.  Jason Bateman is excellent at his role, it’s no news he’s a good actor, and he keeps his reputation intact.

    There are a few parts of the movie that are over-doing some stuff, some parts that are too corny and predictable, but nothing is bad or long enough to spoil the fun.

    Go and see it, you’ll like it.


  • Wanted – Movie Review

    Good but could’ve been better.

    Overall a good action movie. Has a certain fresh approach in it.  A little farfetched at times, but not too much to make you annoyed.

    James McAvoy is doing a good job as the lead role, being converted from a pushover cubical resident to a tough ass kicking pro. I liked him in The Last King of Scotland, and he’s good here, my only thing was that his narration was not great, something didn’t flow right – my take of it is that while he’s getting tougher his narration voice isn’t… but there’s also the fact that Morgan Freeman’s voice is there, putting anyone’s narration to shame… (James Earl Jones wasn’t in the movie…).

    Angelina (should I write Jolie? Isn’t it obvious by now) is playing her cool tough beautiful girl’s role as usual, probably most of the tattoos are hers anyway. I felt like her cool beauty is being pushed too much by now, taking it for granted that all she needs to do is stand there and stare and we all melt immediately.  I find it pretentious and un-cool. If she did the exact same thing ten years ago, I’d say she’s cool, but now, blah.

    Morgan Freeman was OK, not more than that. His final speech left me with a very shallow feeling about his acting. Sorry. Maybe it’s me. I find his coolest role to be the Moorish warrior in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.  As I said, maybe it’s me.

    Action scenes range from pretty good  to excellent. Some scenes are a little too expected, the scene with Angelina using an “around corners” apparatus didn’t stick well to the rest of the movie and  I found like it was forced in because they thought it would be cool for her to use it. Wrong move…

    So,  to wrap it up, I think it is a good action movie, maybe just a little too long, and if it wasn’t trying to be a comic-book-genre it could have been an excellent action movie…

    Go and see for yourself, it’s a fun movie…


  • The Incredible Hulk – Movie Review

    Better than the first one.

    To start with, I believe that Ed Norton plays a much better Bruce Banner than Eric Bana, also the animated parts were better than in the first one, although still too animation-like.

    Liv Tyler is a little off. So is William Hurt – he didn’t convince me as a general here, from his talk to his stance and body language I thought he was way off.  

    Tim Roth was cool, and the cameo appearances were great (Lou Ferringo, Robert Downey Jr. ).

    It is a good action movie, if a little slow at times, but fast moving most of the time. Animated sequences can be improved, action scenes are flashy and entertaining, over all good, and way better than the first Hulk movie from 2003…

    Go and have fun.


  • The Happening – Movie Review

    Don’t bother.

    I love sci-fi, but the acting and the dialogs in this movie make it so only-for-video C movie that it is ridicules.

    Mark Wahlberg  played in a few movies I really liked (The Big Hit was one of them, funny and easy to watch action movie, Shooter, The Italian Job….), and maybe is not the greatest actor, but decent, but in this movie the dialogs were at times so lame that even the greatest actor wouldn’t sound good (on the other hand, a great actor wouldn’t agree to take the role with such dialogs…).

    The only excuse I can find for the lame dialog and acting is maybe they tried to do it very realistic – but it was so very bad…. Even John Leguizamo was lame, which he’s really not usually…

    Alan Ruck (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” as Matthew Broderrick’s friend)  with  a two seconds appearance as the Principal was pretty funny and cute but anecdotal…

    To top it off, the story is shallow and the “scary” scenes are, well, not Hitchcockish….

    Don’t bother. I wouldn’t even waste my time seeing it on DVD. Sorry Marky Mark, this one was pretty bad.



  • Get Smart – Movie Review

    This one was funny. Steve Carell is a perfect Max, and the movie is very true to the original in a modern way… maybe too true at times, with a few too silly parts…

    The cast is good…. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is fun as usual, Alan Arkin is playing great, Anne Hathaway was cool…. Dalip Singh was big enough for the role, but I feel a little awkward when I see him, looks like he can hardly walk… a little pathetic, a little felt sorry for him… and one scene Steve’s puking was a little too much… I find James Caan somewhat lame… but was great to see Masi Oka from Heroes.

    Overall a real fun movie, made me laugh a lot, Steve Carell was true to the original character but still held it perfectly in his own way, not at all made you feel he’s trying to step into someone else’s shoes…

    I highly recommend, you’ll have fun, you’ll laugh a lot, just don’t expect a deep message movie…


  • You don’t mess with the Zohan– Movie Review

     I saw it last night. I kinda like Adam Sandler and think he’s a pretty funny guy (disclaimer…). But he can take humor to a very low level…

    The movie, although very funny at times, is vulgar to an un-tasteful level, and gives you a “how stupid can it get” feeling. In a way It’s like a Borat sequel.

    Adam Sandler’s Israeli accent is missing the point, and so is Rob Schneider’s Arab accent. John Turturro looks the same as always, more Italian than Arab for sure… I found it real funny (in a good way) that Robert Smigel was playing an Israeli, and Dave Matthews, although doing only an OK job, as a trigger happy racist gang leader.

    As I wrote, some parts are really funny, I’ll give it that. A couple of Rob’s scenes are hilarious, as well as other scenes (a zillion Arabs getting out of one taxi, etc.), the plot has a good potential to it, Emmanuelle Chriqui is beautiful… but the repeating jokes (Humus being eaten/used every two minutes, sex scenes over and over again, Fizzy Bubblech soft drink again and again…) are getting old real fast, and the goose bumps you get from feeling ashamed for the stupidity the cast is playing really spoils it.

    Definitely don’t take your kids to it. You’ll be so embarrassed that you’ll cover your head and will want to bury yourself somewhere.

    So, unless you’re in a real silly mood and have a couple of hours to burn, don’t mess with the Zohan, you’ll feel like you wasted your time…


  • This time I saw it – Iron Man – Movie Reveiw

    OK, this time there was no storm that stopped me from seeing it…

    This is a real fun movie. Robert Downey Jr. is an excellent cast to it, and Jeff Bridges looks pretty damn cool with the bold head and beard (better than he ever did in my opinion) – a great legacy to the Yul Brynner look… Gwyneth Paltrow looks pretty damn amazing, both in her “office” outfit, and in a low low back revealing night dress…  Leslie Bibb, well, is Leslie Bibb, eye-candy, enough said.

    Great action, nice effects, comic-book humor, good balance of elements. At the climax, I felt that at one point it was a little too “Transformers” like, but forgivable…

    Some nice technology showoffs, as the MMI to his design computer let him wave his hands to move drawings between screens and a 3D representation, reminding of the scene with Tom Cruise in Minority Report, but taking the interaction with the 3D image a step further… Also making fun of technology quirks as voice recognition and interpretation that’s not always working in an, well, optimal way, I find well balanced between realistic issues and comic wit. 

    Fun movie, good casting, go and have fun. Make sure you use good surround sound and a big screen if you see it at home… under 42” – seat real close to the screen….


  • An almost Iron Man Movie Review

    I wish I could write it. I went to the movie theater and a storm started. I got tickets, and there because of the storm there were black and brown outs, and all movies were stopped and they closed the movie theatre.

    On my way home, everything looked like a way zone. Trees down, branches and leaves all over,  some of the streets were closed because of trees and damage to power lines.

    So no review for now. When I’ll see it, I promise I’ll write something.


  • The Darjeeling Limited – Movie Review

    This one is a strange beast. Good actors and it has a magic to it, but it can put you to sleep at the same time. I’d recommend watching only when you’re full of energy and in a good mood, maybe a little drunk, and have a couple of hours to spare… it has it’s drama/sad moments, so be aware, and it is a “touching story” in a very twisted way. You really have to be in the right mood to get into it… like “The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou”, you have to give in to the quirks and odd humor if you want to try and enjoy it. Otherwise – don’t waste your time.

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Movie Review

    Let me start by saying I really like Harrison Ford (Han Solo was the coolest Star Wars character by far), in my opinion the first Indiana Jones movie was amazingly entertaining, and the second and third  were not as good, but were fun as well.

    So I went to see the new movie a couple of weeks ago.  The theatre was packed, and the only seats available were pretty close to the screen.  It doesn’t bother me too much, it is more like being emerged in the scenes, it is more difficult to see the whole picture at once and your neck gets tiff.

    The movie was very entertaining, one action scene after the other… But a major element was very un-Indiana, the sci-fi, so I felt, was way too sci-fi-ish for an IJ movie. In the other movies, there were elements of mystical powers, but this alien emphasis was really too much for me. Indiana Jones Close Encounters Of The Third Kind combo deal. It didn’t chew very well with me.

    Biblical forces, old or new testament, worked great and fit the story line in the older movies. Creatures resembling the monsters from Alien, not a good fit. I was waiting for something to burst out of John Hurt’s belly, and for the music from “Encounters Of”.  And worse, there’s that “Nuke The Fridge” moment (a “jump the shark” wannabe).