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  • Obummer

    I rest my case regrading Obama. The below quote from a news piece, relating to the video release showing the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley by an Islamic State militant,  reflects it all:

    “Obama was briefed on the video while aboard Air Force One as he jetted from Washington to Martha’s Vineyard to resume his vacation.”

    Aboard Air Force One to resume his vacation? Global terror, beheaded American, hostage situation, riots in the US, not mentioning the economy situation, medical insurance disaster, and Putin cracking up with laughter every time someone says “Obama”. And the president? He’s going back to resume his vacation. Sorry to interrupt you El Presidente. I hope the water in Massachusetts are not too cold.

    Actually, I take it back. I hope you’ll freeze your butt.

    Regardless of political views. NeObama . www.OpineAway.com
    Regardless of political views. NeObama . www.OpineAway.com

  • Welcome message

    Welcome to my opine away site. I’m gonna write here about whatever I feel like writing, commenting and saying what’s on my mind. Yet another blog you say? Well, yes, at least to start with. Then, who knows,  I have many ideas to extend it, but implementation takes time, and time is not always available.

    I know people will not just show up at my site from day one. That’s OK. This is my party, come only if you want to . I’ll be here. I’ll cry if I want to.

     Have fun, and write comments as you like. Just keep it clean ‘cause I rather not clean it myself, got better things to spend time on…


    PS – Ads and affiliate links are, yes, to make some money. Anything wrong with that? That’s life.