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  • I’m one of many

    My mother is a Holocaust survivor. Her story, as unique and terrible as it is, is unfortunately one of so many.

    My mother’s entire family was murdered by the Nazis. The only survivor other than my mother was her uncle. When troubles in Europe just began, her uncle was “crazy” enough to immigrate to Israel from Lvov, Poland.  His sister (my grandmother) and the rest of the family were captured and killed.

    One of the only photos of my gradparents and two brothers before the war.
    One of the only photos of my grandparents and two brothers in the happy days before the war.

    Before my grandparents were killed they smuggled my one year old mother out of the ghetto. She was brought up Christian by their Polish housekeeper, who was paid by my grandparents and then by my mom’s uncle, to keep my mother safe and  to hand her over after the war.

    My mother, after being “delivered” to a Jewish organization by the polish housekeeper, spent some time in an orphanage in France and then was brought to Israel, as countless other orphan kids were. Her uncle, serving at the time in the Israeli Navy, supported her.

    My mom’s story has of course a lot more to it, and there are so many others that went through such horrible events, and millions more that did not survive, and their stories will never be told.

    I’m one of many. One of many children of holocaust survivors.

    For me, growing up, it was a fact. The fact that my mother never knew her parents was to me as a kid, just that, a fact. But of course it is not. It is a life that was dictated to her and to us by twisted minds who committed horrible acts against humanity.

    Ours is one of many stories that need to be remembered.

    The Holocaust is a part of history that must be taught, learned and remembered.  And it must always serve as a warning of what can happen when extremists and fanatics are not stopped with swift action and determination by the rest of the world. Too little too late results in horrific consequences.

    In Israel, every year on the annual Holocaust Memorial Day, a siren sounds and the entire country stops in memory of  all those who were murdered by the Nazis. Schools, highways, work places, hospitals – every single person stands up in silence and solidarity. I believe that remembering these events is so important globally, that Holocaust Memorial Day should not only be universal, but that everywhere around the globe every person will take one moment of their time to remember those who were lost, and to reflect on the horrific events that lead to it.

    Never forget.

  • Hummus coexistence

    I’m visiting Israel. Crazy? Maybe not…

    I can write about many things I see, but what hit me as so damn obvious here is coexistence. It’s not that I never saw it before, but in the current situation, and when Israel is being bashed by so many nitwits, it became so revealing. What do I mean? I’ll explain.

    This morning I woke up early, picked up a friend, and we went to eat hummus in Jaffa, the southern part of the Tel-Aviv Jaffa municipality. Ali Karavan is the name of the restaurant. One of the best hummuses you can get anywhere in the world (OK, OK, this is debatable, but it is excellent hummus). This place opens early in the morning and closes when they sold all the hummus they had, usually sometime mid-day. A big portion of hummus might seem to some as a strange choice for breakfast, but take my word for it, this one is worth it. The point is – it is owned and operated by Israeli Arabs, catering to Israelis and Arabs and anyone else that comes in including many tourists of all origins. Coexistence.

    The day before I went with my mother to the pharmacy by her house, in Ramat Aviv, a nice part of Tel Aviv. She had to argue about insurance coverage, nothing special about that. The pharmacist that was helping her was an Israeli Arab, and so was his assistant. Coexistence.

    I walked by the university which is close by. Two young students holding books and folders walked in front of me, speaking Arabic. One had her head covered. Coexistence.

    We went to the supermarket in the mall across from my mother’s house. We were looking for honey. A nice employee, with Arabic accented fluent Hebrew helped us find it. Two out of the cash register employees were Israeli Arabs, one with her head covered, the other not – and I could see that she was pretty with a beautiful smile. The third had a heavy Russian accent. The manager that came to help one of them spoke with a heavy Arabic accent. Coexistence.

    As I sat down a couple of hours ago to watch TV, I saw an Interview in Hebrew with a guy that had Arabic accent. Apparently he just left his job as a writer at one of the three big Israeli newspapers, moving to Chicago to pursue a job offer as a university professor. He was with tears in his eyes describing how tough it was to join his son in his last day in the Israeli school, where the teacher told him that his son sang the Jewish Shabat songs better than anyone there. Coexistence.

    Now that we established how Israel fully accepts Israeli Arabs as any other citizen (as it should be, yet not a given), and that they embrace Israel as their country (as it should be, yet not a given), let’s think about Gaza, and most other Arab countries for that matter.

    Just think of an Israeli, or Jew, or Christian, or the wrong sect Muslim, in Gaza. The life expectancy of such a person is measured in minutes. Nonexistence.

    This reflects the mindset difference.

    On one side Israel’s quest for peace and proven coexistence. On the other side Hamas, terrorists that have no tolerance to anyone else.

    I call any nitwit like UN’s Navi Pillay to answer where they would prefer to live, in Israel or in a Hamas (or alike) governed state. If they are insane or dishonest enough to say Hamas, I suggest buying them a ticket to visit Gaza so they can start the process of moving there. A one way ticket would be just fine.

    Tel Aviv supermarket
    Tel Aviv supermarket. Israeli Arab Employees. Coexistence.

    image image

  • Why Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel has Iron Dome to protect it?

    • I’ll mention again that peace is all I wish for. I want no fighting; I don’t even want to spend time writing about it. It doesn’t mean that I cannot fight, or will not fight if I need to defend myself – ruthlessly if needed – when left with no other choice.


    So…Imagine a scenario where Israel did not have the Iron Dome system to protect its citizens. Last month, during the second week of July, Hamas fired over a thousand rockets toward Israel, targeting civilians. Yes, this is in the first week only. Without Iron Dome many of these Hamas missiles would have landed on heavily populated areas in Israel, killing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Israelis.

    What would have happened if that was the case? Israel would have flattened Gaza with air strikes within hours. Probably during the first or second day of that week. No warnings, no hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of text messages, phone calls and leaflets to say “here we come, run away”, no small “warning” missiles before blowing up missiles-holding buildings, no surgically targeted strikes, no considerate door to door carefull cleanup…

    A complete annihilation of Gaza within hours. So fast no halfwit UN anti-Israeli representative will have time to say “but we saw Hamas videos showing kids…”. Actually, Hamas would not even had a chance to take any fabricated videos let alone “set them up” to show women and kids, or to distribute those fake videos. Too fast for Gazawood Fakeumentaries. (did I just coin that?).

    Bunker Busters, missiles, bombs. No gloves. Heavy and fast. Bye Bye. Instant flat. Two dimension. Flatland (book’s name, not my credit).

    If missiles would have come down heavily on Israel, on populated areas, it would have left Israel with only one choice – stop it, stop it fast, and stop it for good. No other choice really.

    So… Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel is so dedicated to defend itself. Lucky that such innovation exists in Israel. Lucky that Iron Dome’s development was fast enough to have it fully operational in time for this month-long-thousands-of-missiles Hamas attack. It is what prevented Hamas missiles from hitting Israel cities and from a devastating unprecedented response to it by the IDF.

    I think that Palestinians should start a fund. It should be called “The Iron Dome Fund”. All proceeds will directly go to the IDF’s defense systems. Palestinians should start lobbying Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE, and yes, USA, UK, hell, everybody! Start a Kickstarter project if you have to! Shout out to the UN and to everybody! “Save us! Please finance Iron Dome, please give Israel all the money needed!”.

    Iron Dome saved thousands of Palestinian lives by saving Israeli lives.

    Unfortunately, with the fanatical terrorists that live among Palestinians, it might be needed again.

    Raise money Palestine! Support Israel! If you didn’t understand it yet, Israel is your only hope. Hamas is your demise.

  • Know who your enemy is.

    I’m calling all peace-seeking Gaza residents. Know who your enemy is. It should be obvious.

    Hamas, as we clearly know now, does not want peace. If the majority of the people in Gaza want peace, why don’t they fight Hamas? That is your enemy.

    Even if people in Gaza are not armed, by now, in the chaos and craziness, with many Hamas terrorists dead and injured, there must be enough weapons for anyone to scavenge. Hamas is so busy with fighting with Israel that for the people in Gaza fighting Hamas from the inside should be much more practical now than ever.

    Or do they rather die or watch their women and children being forced by Hamas to act as human shields, their houses, schools and hospitals used as missile launching pads and fighting center for Hamas?

    Why all the so-called humanitarians are not calling for the “innocent Gaza residents” to resist Hamas? To fight against them. To join Israel in the fight to eradicate these terrorist barbarians.

    If the majority is really seeking peace, they should fight for it, like many nations did and still do. USA is fighting for peace. Even Switzerland, the country most associated with neutrality, is taking part in peacekeeping activities, have mandatory army service and all are in army reserve after serving, and even keep their weapons at home. Peace unfortunately doesn’t come nor stay with no maintenance. If someone threatens your peace, sometimes you have to fight in order to regain peace.

    Israel fights for peace. If you are a Gaza resident and want to live peaceful life – help Israel get rid of the ones that terror your life, the ones that use your money to prepare to attack Israel instead of building schools and hospitals and improve your life, the ones that use you, your wives and your kids as human shields for their blood thirsty campaigns – get rid of Hamas. Standing on the sidelines and doing nothing or crying for the world to help will not save you. Hamas will relentlessly use you for their fanatic fight that see no moral borders.

    I call all in Gaza that are Hamas victims to fight. Fight against Hamas. Save your women, children and yourself. It’s a fight for peace.


  • I just saw Herzl at a bar.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar

    I just saw Herzl at a bar.

    You know, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl.

    At first I thought, oh boy, maybe he’s here to drink away his sorrows, with Israel, the modern state he envisioned, forced to fight, defending itself from Hamas’ barrage of missiles, and from ridicules public opinions, blamed for not being careful enough in its fight against terrorists that use civilians as human shields, and want nothing but  killing all Jews.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Drinking Water
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Drinking Water

    So I looked carefully. All he drank was water. I thought, hey, Benyoomin, you don’t seem so stressed. What are you really thinking about?

    Then he texted a bit. Maybe tweeted. Glanced at me for a split second. Watched a bit of TV. Looked pretty calm. Not as troubled as he was during the Dreyfus Affair. Interesting.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Tweeting

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Tweeting

    So it looks like he’s pretty chill. Maybe it’s something to learn from. What’s on his mind? I tried to imagine what he could be thinking now:

    Israel is a strong state. Innovative and creative, highly educated population, with an amazing infrastructure built over the last 66 years. An army that is considered one of the world’s best. Peace-striving yet strong enough to defend itself against most anything.

    Times are tough, no doubt. Civilian targets being attacked day and night by Hamas. Some, from the UN through the likes of Roger Waters and Barak Obama, show different levels of irrational thinking condemning Israel’s actions, while being blind to the facts and actions of terrorists and organizations that threaten not only Israeli, but western life and culture as a whole.

    But Israelis are tough. Their motivation is aligned with right causes and a strong righteous code of behavior. Being Innovative and strong-willed does and will prevail. Naysayers will eat their hats. This cannot result in anything but Israel winning.

    Well Benji, I agree. Now I know why you’re calm. Just as I considered  to maybe walk over and buy him a round of Pellegrino, he walked out, and I thought to myself, if a man that had such an amazing forward looking ability stays so calm, he must have a reason. He surely knows that there is no other way this will end but with Israel on top.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Walking Out Of  a Bar
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Walking Out Of a Bar

  • Really Roger? My response to Roger Waters

    This is in response to Roger Waters’  “A note from Roger – July 11, 2014“, and to his overall anti-Israel opinion.

    Really Roger? I’d like to see your reaction if Italians would break into your house and try to butcher your wife Laurie. Or try and shoot your son Jack in his house, or bomb your kids Harry and India’s houses. I’m sure you will say “Hey, it’s fine, Brutus is Britain’s founding father, Italians have the right.” And then when they will poke your eyes out laughing at you while you try to talk sense to them, I’m sure you’ll say “Oh well, it used to be their land after all”. Should Dutch descended Americans justify a Native American trying to scalp them in their home because they were there first? Mexicans bomb Texas at will? I’m sure you loved the IRA killing Brits. Really Roger?

    You are naive Roger. I’m sure you are a good man by heart. But I’m also sure you try to use common sense to analyze Hamas and co.. A big mistake. You assume these terrorists think like you. Can you use your common sense talking with a fanatic suicide bomber? Or a person who brainwashed a teenager to be a suicide bomber? Telling him 72 virgins will wait for him in heaven? Did Americans understood the Kamikaze in Pearl Harbor? Do you justify the fanatics that crashed their plains into US civilian targets on Sep 11 2001 or the ones that bombed London targets on July 7 2005?

    Let me quote from Wikipedia one of the London bomber’s:

    ‘Tanweer argued that the non-Muslims of Britain deserve such attacks because they voted for a government which “continues to oppress our mothers, children, brothers and sisters in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and Chechnya.” ‘

    So you do you oppose British security profiling and taking action against these terrorists because you think that their cause is justified? This is what Israel is doing. Trying to prevent terror. Israel’s official stand, and the vast majority (there are always exceptions) of its citizens would love to live in peace, and they tried to do so for many years, unlike Hamas and co. Israeli forces are doing their best to prevent civilians getting hurt. You believe Israel should not strive to secure the safety of its citizens? Really Roger?

    Dear Roger. You sit in your $20M house in England and do a white board analysis of a situation you do not understand. I wish that you had the opportunity to talk to one of the terrorist that bombed the Boston Marathon and try to understand from him why he did it, try to convince him it is wrong. You’ll be frustrated by feeling you are talking to a brick wall. I feel for you Roger. They say ignorance is a bliss, but you have too much exposure in this world to show off your ignorance as you do. And your opinions? You are as fanatic as these terrorists, your messages shows you do not try to understand the situation, but rather blindly try to prove a point you dug yourself  into, not trying to understand the situation.

    London has the risk of becoming an extremist Islamic city in the near future. You might think it will never happen. Ask my mother. She and her uncle are the only family survivals of extremists. The vast majority of her Polish-Jewish family did not survive the holocaust. Other than her, her “crazy” uncle that foresaw the future and left to Israel was the only survivor. She was raised as Christian by the family house maid until she was ten, and bought back by her uncle (yes, he paid to get her). You were blessed with easy life Roger (in comparison, so did I). I tip my hat to your success and I’m sure it required hard work, but the fact that my kids can enjoy the Dark Side of the Moon, is due to the fact that my uncle was smart enough to see the trend and save himself and my mother. You read the world wrong Roger. Very wrong. People will die. People are dying. Innocent people. And not the ones you try to protect.

    This should not even be called a conflict. This is Israel trying to prevent terrorism. I don’t think you support terrorism. If I’m mistaken and you do support it, you are part of the problem the world is facing. I hope you’re not.

    Israelis are of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people you can find. They want nothing to do with killing any Arabs. Israelis do not want to spend any time nor effort defending themselves. Of course you’ll find exception, there’s always a crazy person shooting at school because he doesn’t like Mondays (thank you Bob), it doesn’t reflect on the whole population.  Israelis have to defend themselves, they do it out of necessity.

    Serving in the army for a mandatory 3 years (2 years for women), serving in reserve for what is for most a month out of every year, risking life and spending so much precious time because of the need to defend Israel from suicide bombers that target civilizes, from kidnappers and murderers of kids, from barbaric lunatics that brutally kill anyone who think other than them (including their own if they are gay, abused women or anyone who doesn’t agree to be their human shield or is not a Muslim). You really think Israelis shouldn’t defend themselves? Really Roger?

    I don’t expect you to admit you’re wrong. To a man like you who has experienced so much success and feels so powerful, the public humiliation of admitting you are wrong would be devastating to you at this point. Maybe softly toning down will be best. But please stop showing everyone, especially fans of your great musical creations, how you so miserably fail in understanding life. Get out of the Dark Side Roger, and into the light. We want to remember you for what you did best, not what you show us now you do worst.


    Bibi Netaniahu
    I was never a big fan of Bibi, but this sentence does capture the situation nicely.

  • Democracy?

    I don’t like politics. My writing here is for the sole reason of thinking about democracy as it is practiced today.

    So, Obaden or Mcalin? Election shmelection… Who determines it? Let me make some assumptions here…

    My first and most important assumption would be that over 90% of voters do not know much about the guy they vote for. When I say don’t know much, I am very gentle.

    My guesstimate about eligible US voters’ knowledge:

    10%-15% can’t name the 4 main presidential and VP candidates.

    20%-30% can’t associate the candidates to their party

    40%-50% never read or heard the views or issues statements of the candidates.

    80%-90% did not read at least 10 issues and plans for their presidency of neither candidate.

    Let’s face it – most people get their knowledge (or lack of) from hearsay, mostly what they hear form colleagues, friends, family etc, which is many times already a second or third hand information….

    They also get bits and pieces they heard on TV/radio/newspaper, that are in most cases incomplete, biased, maybe interviews with celebrities that were brought to shows as Real Time with Bill Maher (nothing against the show, on the contrary) for entertainment purposes, but their sometimes humoristic views, on a stage like that, seed many minds with very unrealistic ideas. “It was on TV” so it must be true.

    Or take online videos, as the Obama births certificate questioning http://willnevergiveup.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/lawsuit5/

    the 2008 wassup youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq8Uc5BFogE (almost 4 million views)

    McCain’s YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEtZlR3zp4c (over 8 million views)

    And almost 13 million viewers of Dear Mr. Obama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG4fe9GlWS8

    Over 11 million views of Yes We Can – Barack Obama Music Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjXyqcx-mYY

    For sure, more people saw these and similar online videos than read the McCain and Obama views and plans. Of course, all of these are great, freedom of expressing views and opinions, the foundations of democracy.

    But is it right to vote by only seeing these incomplete biased and inaccurate opinions? If you say nah, people don’t take it seriously, you are very wrong. As an example, these fake videos of cell phones causing corn to pop into popcorn got countless people all over the world to try it (was originally done as advertisement for and Israeli headset manufacturer…). Of course it is not real…

    Or should I mention lonelygirl15 on youtube? (New Zealand actress that for a long time was believed by many to be a real story). The list is long. People take written and over the TV information as granted. Even hearsay from friends is used over and over again, usually in a very “creative” way after a few times (ever played “phone”?…).

    So, after I establish this issue of lack of knowledge, or knowledge based on inaccurate or incomplete information, let me ask the radical question…

    Yes, it is a democracy, but should everyone have the right to vote?

    Ha, dangerous ground. That’s the essence of democracy, everyone can influence…

    But maybe you should be pre-qualified? Maybe, in order to vote, you should pass a test showing you know at least the basic information about who you’re voting for? Name, party, five to ten major points of view?

    Radical? Let’s take a non democratic organization as the army. Why isn’t it a democracy? Because you can not take the time and risk of having a vote during combat, sure. But also because not every soldier has the ability to make the right decisions because of lack of knowledge, experience and ability to be a commander (call it talent?).

    So there are qualified people who make the decision. They are being scrutinized, they pay for their mistakes, but they have the power to make the decisions for their troops because they have the know-how to do it.

    Take business. It is not a democracy. There is usually one or a group of people who decide. If they are qualified, the company has a good chance of succeeding, if they are not, well, then not…

    My point? Just to make us think. Will you let a 3 year old chose who will be the next president? So why let someone with hardly any knowledge about it vote?


  • Oil Prices – grrrrr.

    I’m no expert on global economy neither about oil prices, but the way I see it, oil prices control can be classified as terrorism.

    Generally speaking (and there should be a disclaimer here) it doesn’t get more expensive to produces oil, definitely not at the same increase factors that oil prices are taking, so prices going up are all speculative of future supply and demand.  Most of the world’s oil reserves are in OPEC countries, and the vast majority of that is in Arab countries.

    Why oil prices are going up? OPEC decides how much oil to produce. They keep the production level at where they want the prices to be. If they produce more, there’s most supply, and prices will go down. If they cut production, or not increase it to satisfy demand, prices are going up. This is of course a simplification of the situation, but that’s how it works.

    The bulk of the money flows directly into the Arab countries in OPEN – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, UAE (and the other OPEC members –  Venezuela and the rest that are tiny in comparison – Indonesia, Angola, Libya, Qatar, etc…).

    How much of this money is going to financing terror? I’m sure that a lot. Iran is financing terror in undisclosed huge sums that flow through Syria and Lebanon to terrorist groups in Lebanon and the occupied territories in Israel (west bank, Gaza strip), terror training facilities in other Arab countries, weapons that are supplied to terrorist organizations, money to worldwide terror organizations and terror cells that are developed….

    The irony of course, is that we all pay premium gas prices to finance fanatical extremes that want to destroy us. And they do, don’t deceive yourself otherwise. I’m not doing any generalization about Muslims or Arabs, there are great people among them, but there are also many extremist, who brainwash and are being brainwashed to hate the western world in sake of imposing Islam, in envy of western success, and in irrational hate toward Jews, Americans and everything that is associated with them. Terrorism by itself is a whole separate discussion, for a separate post….

    I approach every situation trying to resolve it with common sense and in a peaceful way. With the oil problem, it’s all about energy, which I posted about in the past. Switching the main energy sources to atomic energy will take time (better start ASAP though…), and oil prices will keep being pushed up by the Arab countries (why not, they make more and more money). Short term solution, which is combined with the world’s safety, will be reorganizing Iran. If your approach to life is militant or not, Iran is developing nuclear weapons, and in the hands of an unreliable/crazy/fanatic/western hating/irrational/bold/power hungry leader who is trying to even rewrite history (Jewish Holocaust never happened he claims…), Iran is a threat to the whole world, and is among the largest suppliers of oil in the world (forth after Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the US).  It is a safety and economical threat. The economical threat should be handled by economic sanctions (although Iran’s leaders don’t really care if their people will be starving so that diffuses that…).

    The safety factor gives all the reason in the world to take down the current leadership before it is too late. Iraq attacked Israel with dozens of missiles during the gulf war, luckily they had only old missiles with conventional weapon heads. Iran on the other hand, even with “dirty” nuclear weapons and better missiles, and definitely with nuclear weapons, has the option of doing damage that cannot be left to chance, and if anyone will say that maybe we can reason with Ahmadinejad is either making a joke or has no clue.

    And again – long term solution to the oil prices/economical situation is in replacing the main source of energy from oil to an alternative, where the only alternative with current technology is nuclear power, which should be translated to as many applications possible.  Not only it will solve the cost of energy, it will also diffuse the power of the hostile Arab countries, and cut the resources of global Islamic terror.


  • Oil Prices

    The Arab countries still have us by the balls. One word from Iran about sanctions and prices jump up even more. I don’t want to get into a discussion about Iran because I’m trying to stay calm.
    There are many who’ll argue about the price of fuel (blown up for no real reason, high tax rates (US average tax, Federal plus State is over half a dollar per gallon….), but reducing the oil price is not the solution in my opinion. Oil is something that made the human race spoiled. It gave us relatively easy energy source, and we became so dependent on it that we are willing to pay prices that are getting higher daily now.
    Since the early 1900’s oil prices were overall going down steadily (adjusted for inflation) until the late 70’s, than prices had gone up (with a few anomalies on the way) to the current level which is 4-5 times higher.
    So oil prices are getting to a level that prevents us from being spoiled anymore, and humanity has to find new sources of energy that will bring energy prices down. I wrote before that I believe the answer is Nuclear Power Plants – of course wind powered generators, hydroelectric power (not just dams, but also ocean waves) and solar power can be used, but for the ever increasing amount of energy needed, I truly believe Nuclear energy is the solution. I also predict (carefully), that we’ll be able to harness the earth’s super-hot magma for power generation, and I use that prediction in other writings of mine.
    The process of change will not be fast. The huge amount of infrastructure that creates and use energy in our fuel based society will take many years to change. Market forces (for example the car industry) will work hard to keep it the way it is, the cost of changing is huge, both for making the products (cars) and the infrastructure (fueling). But the change is unavoidable, as economy of oil doesn’t make sense anymore.

  • Energy / Green

    I follow what they say about global warming and the way they try to solve it. Sounds to me that in most cases there are motives other than the real issue driving things, lack of knowledge, or just not looking at the whole picture. Saying blindly that things need to be green doesn’t work – as a hypothetical argument,  if you use a cup made of corn instead of plastic because it is bio-degradable, but the energy to make it is way more than producing a plastic one, and there’s way more waste, is it better?  You win at one end, but lose at the other.

    For instance, making fuel from corn. Sure, corn is the most common farming plant in the US, that’s why we see corn syrup in everything, when usually it shouldn’t even be there. So great, why not make fuel from it, Ethanol, E-85 buzz words and names are great marketing.

    Well, corn is very inefficient in making fuel, it takes a lot of energy to process it, and you end up with just a little gain compared to not doing it, some say even a loss. Then you get corn shortage and not enough corn to feed Central America.  Other crops are way more efficient (they say the process producing Switch grass fuel give over 5 time more energy than what was put into it, Sugar Cane is way more efficient than corn…),  and can be a temporary solution, but still not solve the problem.

    Of course the main problem started because we have fossil fuel. As long as it’s available and prices are under a certain level (we are getting to a threshold of the price some say), people are too lazy or don’t have enough financing to develop alternative solutions.

    So, I’ll opine on that (what did you expect…). I believe the only solution for now is Nuclear Power Plants. NPPs can give us clean energy with little or no environmental side effects (don’t jump and say what about Nuclear Waste, I’ll get into that later), and all energy consumption on the planet can be extracted from them.

    Let’s assume we have all the electricity we want without burning any type of fuel, and it is 10 times cheaper than what we pay today for electricity. Wouldn’t you want your car to run on it? Cost per millage will be a fraction of what it is now, no noise or pollution from the car.

    Are there issues to be solved? Of course. You want NPPs to be as safe as possible. There are NPPs in the US that supply clean energy for 30 years. With today’s technology, safety can be way better and plants can be more efficient.

    Cars  – technology of electric cars is improving fast.  The issue with electric cars is charging time, the best time with most advanced technologies is 30-60 minutes, not as fast as refueling today. Power and millage per charge is in par or even getting better than internal combustion.

    Hydrogen cars are another option. Hydrogen can be produced with electricity and is clean energy. Charging time is fast,  safety is an issue, but solutions already are available. And you can drink out of the exhaust pipe…

    I’ll probably get back to this subjects in the future,  but to summarize for now, once we have a source for clean cheap energy, as we can get from nuclear energy, solutions will pop up from many creative minds.