No, I didn’t invent this. Well, I did, but… I did not invent LGBTQIA. Really. It’s a thing. Here’s the source:

    We use the acronym LGBTQIA at Tech to stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender). While we do this with intentionality, it is still possible to hear many variations of the acronym in use on our campus (i.e. LGBT, LGBTQ, etc.).
    (Source https://www.depts.ttu.edu/lgbtqia/understandinglgbtqia.php )

    No, really, just Google it, here’s another source: https://outrightinternational.org/content/acronyms-explained

    But I feel this is highly discriminatory. Though it is trying to include every damn human definition you can think of, it is missing a huge group and COMPLETLY ignores it! For all the organizations that shout they care so much about everyone, how can they leave out heterosexuals? UNBELEIVABLE!!!

    So this needs to be corrected. From now on I request to add an H at the end to represent the biggest group which is obviously currently discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and COMPLETLY IGNORED.

    So please, use ONLY – LGBTQIAH . We are proud too.

    Disclaimer to shut up anyone who might be trying hard to get offended by the above – I’m all for freedom of everything, for people to do whatever they want, and accept anyone that is not hurting others with whatever they do. That includes me.

  • Chicken Scarpariello the short version

    Chicken Scarpariello is usually done with sausage and a bunch of stuff, but there’s a version that I much prefer, and is similar to what is served in Carmine’s restaurant in NYC.

    My version is made with chicken thighs, and is relatively simple – marinate for at least an hour in lemon juice (at least three lemons), thyme, a little origami, salt, black pepper, garlic and hot pepper. Then place in an oven pan, herbs on the bottom, chicken on top with all the marinade juices, put some butter on top of the chicken, some more salt and pepper, cook for 40 min on 450f, then broil for 20 minutes. Sometimes I do a quick version the stove, crisp the chicken first with a little butter and olive on them add the lemon juice and spices and cook cover for 10 minutes, then uncover and reduce the sauce a bit. Either way I really like it…

  • Words, acronyms and phrases I made up

    So this post will be a live one.
    I’ll be adding words, phrases and acronyms I made up. Use at your own risk.

    Post COVID Mask Fixation. People, even when fully vaccinated, outdoors or by themselves in their own car, still wear masks. It’s a fixation. For over a year they were made to be afraid of breathing. Now they can’t get rid of the need to have a mask on their faces, even though they have a better chance of the sky falling on their head (Vitalstatistix) .

    Pseudo Anonymous Donor. Or PADS if you want to add Syndrome to describe the condition. People that donate anonymously and then post about it. Also a good fit people who get awards and post about it themselves, as they probably do both.

    A person that keeps crying about racists. I’m against racism. Or anti-Semitism. Or any misjustice. But I’m also against crying. ‘nough said.

    A person that talks in big words about green stuff from a very narrow point of view. Like saying electric cars will solve the problem, when electricity is still made with fossil fuel. Or using corn based disposable cups when it take more energy and waste to make them than regular disposables. And the same person driving an SUV or flying to ski in Switzerland twice a year.
    My Green Energy post from 2008

    So Idiotic That It’s Unexplainable. It’s when you see or hear something and it’s so obvious how stupid it is that you can’t find the words to explain and you’ll feel stupid trying to explain it out loud (you know that if you will try and explain it, the only response you’ll get will be “duh”).

    I won’t get old ever, but some people do, and sometimes they have wrinkles and shrinkage combined, and it results in what can only be referred to (from now on) as shrinkels.

    NO MAS(K)
    No more masks. Self explanatory. Here’s a T shirt I made for it, in case you really like it, click to visit the store:

    NO MAS(K) white

    Like everything in life, I find the best in every situation and make the best out of it (or change it if I can), and always try to find the funny side of things. So the pandemic was no different. Yes, lots of people died, and it was sad for many, but I was happy as usual and laughed most of the time because it’s better to laugh than cry.

    Well, that’s my contribution to LGBTQIA to be really all inclusive and not discriminatory. I added H at the end to include Heterosexual.

  • PCMF – Post COVID Mask Fixation

    I see two phenomena happening now:

    • People can’t take their mask off
    • People can’t stand others not wearing a mask

    I call this Post COVID Mask Fixation or PCMF . It seems that because people, for over a year now, got so used to wear masks and afraid that if they won’t something terrible will happen, that they can’t take it off or shake it off.

    About 40% of the US population is now fully vaccinated. Considering that about a quarter of the population are kids (16 or younger) it means that more than half of the adults you see are fully vaccinated and have COVID immunity, and a good bunch of others had COVID naturally have COVID immunity now.

    Let’s, conservatively, say that 50% of the adults in the US have COVID immunity now. Add to it that chances of getting COVID outdoors proved to be close to zero. Yet… I see the vast majority of people still wearing masks outside. And they look at you as if you are a criminal if you don’t wear one.

    Don’t get me started about NJ indoor mask mandate, that, as of today, is still not lifted (supposed to be lifted this Friday).

    If you’re vaccinated it means close to zero chances getting COVID, and if you get it, you either won’t even know it or won’t need anything but a little rest. Yet people, even if fully vaccinated, still wear masks.

    Media, the administration, all push masks and fear, even after the CDC lifted mask recommendations and declared risk of infection outside is virtually zero. Not getting into a discussion about what was science based and what wasn’t, the fact is, the vaccines prove to work amazingly well, and people, even fully vaccinated, are still afraid of getting it, and wear mask. We can all think for ourselves and can decide when to take a risk with anything we do. Enough with that really. Let people be responsible for themselves, or not. www.DarwinAwards.com

    VP Kamala Harris on May 5th 2021, outside, both fully vaccinated, kissing her husband with masks:

    President Joe Biden, wearing a mask (the only one) during a virtual video call with other world leaders:

    Biden mocked for wearing Covid mask during VIRTUAL climate change summit -  YouTube

    Or should we call him Joke Biden?

    UPDATE 5/28/2021 First day of lifted mask mandate in NJ, one of the last states to do so.
    I’ve visited 3 store – Walgreens, Farmers’ Market and a Supermarket. I was THE ONLY ONE without a mask. Really. Even in the parking lot, EVERY SINGLE PERSON WORE A MASK. Now again, AT LEAST half of adults are FULLY VACCINATED. I reset my case, PCMF. But I’ll keep monitoring.

    UPADTE 6/2/2021. It’s really unbelievable. In the last few days I visited hardware stores, restaurants, grocery stores, malls, cafes, drove in NYC – pretty much everyone is still wearing a mask in NJ. NY on the street probably 50%-70% still with masks, in stores most everyone. Some people look at me with angry eyes (can’s see much more under their mask) as I’m without a mask.

    Where’s Waldo? This video was taken in NYC near Times Square on May 29 2021 – a couple of months after NYC lifted outdoor masks mandate. I randomly took it while driving with my phone in it’s dashboard holder. As you can see, it’s very hard to spot anyone without a mask (I found two…).

    For how long PCMF will hold?

    UPDATE 06/14/2021 in northern NJ the vast majority of people still wear masks everywhere, even outside and some even in their cars. Really. No joke.

  • Why Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel has Iron Dome to protect it?

    This post was originally written/posted in 2014. I didn’t change a word. No need.

    • I’ll mention again that peace is all I wish for. I want no fighting; I don’t even want to spend time writing about it. It doesn’t mean that I cannot fight, or will not fight if I need to defend myself – ruthlessly if needed – when left with no other choice.

    So…Imagine a scenario where Israel did not have the Iron Dome system to protect its citizens. Last month, during the second week of July, Hamas fired over a thousand rockets toward Israel, targeting civilians. Yes, this is in the first week only. Without Iron Dome many of these Hamas missiles would have landed on heavily populated areas in Israel, killing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Israelis.

    What would have happened if that was the case? Israel would have flattened Gaza with air strikes within hours. Probably during the first or second day of that week. No warnings, no hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of text messages, phone calls and leaflets to say “here we come, run away”, no small “warning” missiles before blowing up missiles-holding buildings, no surgically targeted strikes, no considerate door to door careful cleanup…

    A complete annihilation of Gaza within hours. So fast no halfwit UN anti-Israeli representative will have time to say “but we saw Hamas videos showing kids…”. Actually, Hamas would not even had a chance to take any fabricated videos let alone “set them up” to show women and kids, or to distribute those fake videos. Too fast for Gazawood Fakeumentaries. (did I just coin that?).

    Bunker Busters, missiles, bombs. No gloves. Heavy and fast. Bye Bye. Instant flat. Two dimension. Flatland (book’s name, not my credit).

    If missiles would have come down heavily on Israel, on populated areas, it would have left Israel with only one choice – stop it, stop it fast, and stop it for good. No other choice really.

    So… Palestinians are so damn lucky that Israel is so dedicated to defend itself. Lucky that such innovation exists in Israel. Lucky that Iron Dome’s development was fast enough to have it fully operational in time for this month-long-thousands-of-missiles Hamas attack. It is what prevented Hamas missiles from hitting Israel cities and from a devastating unprecedented response to it by the IDF.

    I think that Palestinians should start a fund. It should be called “The Iron Dome Fund”. All proceeds will directly go to the IDF’s defense systems. Palestinians should start lobbying Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE, and yes, USA, UK, hell, everybody! Start a Kickstarter project if you have to! Shout out to the UN and to everybody! “Save us! Please finance Iron Dome, please give Israel all the money needed!”.

    Iron Dome saved thousands of Palestinian lives by saving Israeli lives.

    Unfortunately, with the fanatical terrorists that live among Palestinians, it might be needed again.

    Raise money Palestine! Support Israel! If you didn’t understand it yet, Israel is your only hope. Hamas is your demise.

  • I discovered who Q is!

    Many of you might have heard about Qanon, which was started by the mysterious Q.
    I was late to hear about this earth shattering piece of information, but once I learned about it I kept hearing about it again and again, even heard president Trump being asked about it.

    But an hour ago I figured it out. I know who Q is!

    Most Americans won’t recognize this. Australians and Israelis that watched TV kids shows in the 70’s will recognize it right away. I’ll give them a clue. Ask Jeremiah Quizzle.

    The Lost Islands, an Australian TV show (Wiki) had the mysterious almighty Q ! That’s it! Here he is:

    So now we know. exciting.



    Social media and news venues should not censor items or block whoever is sharing information just because of their opinions or political views/affiliation.

    They should not control the information we get, share or write.

    Unfortunately, most do, and since last week they did so abruptly, especially Facebook, Twitter, NYT, CNN, CBS, NBC, even NPR and many others.

    The news item censored, which is still not reported on most of these “news” venues and blocked on the main social media venues, was published by the New York Post, the 4th largest newspaper in the US, founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton.

    This is the link to the article. Please share and forward this message just for sake of free speech. You can comment it’s fake. You can comment it’s real. BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO READ, SHARE AND COMMENT and not be controlled by anyone.


    Update 06/02/2021
    So there are more and more examples of this nonsense, but the latest big one is the possibility that the COVID-19 virus was created and “escaped” from the lab in Wuhan. Last year, mainstream media, social networks (Facebook and friends) all censored anyone that raised the option that the virus was created in the lab. They claimed that random mutation that was transferred from a bat infected a pangolin that was sold in a market in Wuhan, and then transferred to a human that ate the pangolin, and it was a virus mutation that can also be transmitted human to human, and that that explanation was more plausible than the possibility that the virus originated from a lab that was intentionally creating exactly such viruses and is just a few miles away from that market. Anyone and any message that mentioned the lab origination possibility was shut down, ridiculed or banned for life from main social media platforms, based on nothing but political motivation. Now suddenly it is under investigation and a plausible explanation, and Facebook literally announced it will end ban on posts asserting that COVID-19 was man-made – admitting out loud that they were banning such posts until now. If that’s not censorship, we have to change the definition of the word. But they will censorship that too.

  • Korean inspired port belly

    OK, so maybe it’s not that kosher. But it is so good!

    Korean inspired pork belly
    Korean inspired pork belly

    The basic recipe is real simple. I just added some seasoning and modified quantities to how I like it. Other than the salt, sugar and black pepper, spices are optional.


    • Pork Belly slab, skinless, but with the fat layer. As small or large as you want.
    • The following is per pound of pork:
      • 1/2 tbs salt
      • 1 tbs sugar
      • 1/4 tsp Black pepper
      • 1 pinch of Habanero pepper (or Cayenne)
      • 1/4 tsp granulated garlic
      • 1/4 tsp granulated onion

    mix all spices together. If you have a big enough Ziploc bag for the pork put it and the spices in the bag, close it and work it all until the pork is covered with the spice mix. Optionally, just dry rub the pork all over.

    Place in the fridge, covered, overnight.

    Place on a roasting pan, 450f, for 30 minutes. Lower to 275f and let cook for two more hours.

    Now for the hard part. Let it cool down. Don’t eat it! I know, not easy. Sometimes you gotta cheat. It smells and looks too good. OK, have a tiny piece, but it will be even harder not to keep eating!

    One it cooled down to room  temperature, wrap it in plastic and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. Then you can take it out, slice it, warm it, fry it, cube it etc.

    In the picture it shows how it looks like relatively thick sliced. I served it with green peas and quick pickled carrots, red bell pepper and apple. I’m getting hungry.