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  • Flipping Bangers

    So yes I’m also fixing and fixin’ cars when I get a chance. Someone once said that I get board easily. Anyway, flipping (no pun intended) channels a while ago, I found that program called “Flipping Bangers”. It’s two brits buying cars in bad shape and trying to fix and sell them within five days and at least double their money. Sounds like a million other shows, but I find these guys real cool, and the show real fun.

    They drink tea (and spill some every time they throw the mugs on the table), they go for a pint at the end of the day, speak in very British English and it is so refreshing that they are down-to-earth, unpretentious guys.

    To date I saw episodes from only two seasons but I just found that at least three episodes were done for a season 3 – I sure hope it will continue, as I really like these guys and the show. Just look at this image and you’ll get it. Gus Gregory & Will Trickett.

    Flipping Bangers. Gus Gregory, Will Trickett.


    No, I didn’t invent this. Well, I did, but… I did not invent LGBTQIA. Really. It’s a thing. Here’s the source:

    We use the acronym LGBTQIA at Tech to stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (questioning), intersex, asexual, and (agender). While we do this with intentionality, it is still possible to hear many variations of the acronym in use on our campus (i.e. LGBT, LGBTQ, etc.).
    (Source https://www.depts.ttu.edu/lgbtqia/understandinglgbtqia.php )

    No, really, just Google it, here’s another source: https://outrightinternational.org/content/acronyms-explained

    But I feel this is highly discriminatory. Though it is trying to include every damn human definition you can think of, it is missing a huge group and COMPLETLY ignores it! For all the organizations that shout they care so much about everyone, how can they leave out heterosexuals? UNBELEIVABLE!!!

    So this needs to be corrected. From now on I request to add an H at the end to represent the biggest group which is obviously currently discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and COMPLETLY IGNORED.

    So please, use ONLY – LGBTQIAH . We are proud too.

    Disclaimer to shut up anyone who might be trying hard to get offended by the above – I’m all for freedom of everything, for people to do whatever they want, and accept anyone that is not hurting others with whatever they do. That includes me.

  • I discovered who Q is!

    Many of you might have heard about Qanon, which was started by the mysterious Q.
    I was late to hear about this earth shattering piece of information, but once I learned about it I kept hearing about it again and again, even heard president Trump being asked about it.

    But an hour ago I figured it out. I know who Q is!

    Most Americans won’t recognize this. Australians and Israelis that watched TV kids shows in the 70’s will recognize it right away. I’ll give them a clue. Ask Jeremiah Quizzle.

    The Lost Islands, an Australian TV show (Wiki) had the mysterious almighty Q ! That’s it! Here he is:

    So now we know. exciting.

  • I just saw Herzl at a bar.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl at a bar

    I just saw Herzl at a bar.

    You know, Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl.

    At first I thought, oh boy, maybe he’s here to drink away his sorrows, with Israel, the modern state he envisioned, forced to fight, defending itself from Hamas’ barrage of missiles, and from ridicules public opinions, blamed for not being careful enough in its fight against terrorists that use civilians as human shields, and want nothing but  killing all Jews.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Drinking Water
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Drinking Water

    So I looked carefully. All he drank was water. I thought, hey, Benyoomin, you don’t seem so stressed. What are you really thinking about?

    Then he texted a bit. Maybe tweeted. Glanced at me for a split second. Watched a bit of TV. Looked pretty calm. Not as troubled as he was during the Dreyfus Affair. Interesting.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Tweeting

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Tweeting

    So it looks like he’s pretty chill. Maybe it’s something to learn from. What’s on his mind? I tried to imagine what he could be thinking now:

    Israel is a strong state. Innovative and creative, highly educated population, with an amazing infrastructure built over the last 66 years. An army that is considered one of the world’s best. Peace-striving yet strong enough to defend itself against most anything.

    Times are tough, no doubt. Civilian targets being attacked day and night by Hamas. Some, from the UN through the likes of Roger Waters and Barak Obama, show different levels of irrational thinking condemning Israel’s actions, while being blind to the facts and actions of terrorists and organizations that threaten not only Israeli, but western life and culture as a whole.

    But Israelis are tough. Their motivation is aligned with right causes and a strong righteous code of behavior. Being Innovative and strong-willed does and will prevail. Naysayers will eat their hats. This cannot result in anything but Israel winning.

    Well Benji, I agree. Now I know why you’re calm. Just as I considered  to maybe walk over and buy him a round of Pellegrino, he walked out, and I thought to myself, if a man that had such an amazing forward looking ability stays so calm, he must have a reason. He surely knows that there is no other way this will end but with Israel on top.

    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Walking Out Of  a Bar
    Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl Walking Out Of a Bar

  • Forgive me consumer for I have sinned

    The story is simple. We were in NYC, and needed a restroom stop. Starbucks was just in front of us (try to find a place in the US that you don’t have one in front of you), so we stepped in.

    I was waiting and was thirsty, plus I felt that I need to buy something as we were after all using “the facilities”.

    I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, to phrase it gently, so I was looking at the cold drinks and saw the Cool Lime Refresher. Sounded good, and I was thirsty, so I ordered the large one, which had an outrageous price tag of $4.45, but I figured that for a good refreshing drink and a brief use of the plumbing I’ll for once bite the bullet and pay the price. Plus tax. And waiting in line.

    While waiting between a Grande Latte suit and a Tall Mocha Light Frappuccino brunette I watched the dedicated employee making my Cool Lime Refresher, not expecting a gilded rim and a carbon nanotube straw but at least a drink made of something that looks like it’s worth the money.

    Ha. This is what happened next: Into the not-that-huge cup the young-and-restless loyal Starbuckhipster  poured a concentrated liquid out of a carton, added some ice cubes, topped it with, no, not freshly spring water from the melting snow of the Upper Peninsula but with NYC’s own tap water, stirred a bit, threw in a slice of lime to make it look au natural and placed a good plastic lid over it.

    I’m not sure what I expected. Maybe some fresh lime juice? Something that looks like an effort to make a real drink for $4.45? Like a virgin cocktail? I guess I’m naive.

    But I paid.  So why do I say  forgive me consumer for I have sinned? Because by the act of  me buying that drink for that price I legitimize the price point, so I need to apologize to my fellow consumers for buying a (maybe) $1 drink for $4.45. So I said a few Hail Marys (being an atheist that was born Jewish it might seem a bit strange though) and I promise I’ll never buy it again.

    Though we did use the facilities.


  • iPad Wall Bracket

    Sometimes it seems that people have to find an excuse after they buy an iPad. You buy it, but will you use it? Hmmm….it’s a cool device, but how useful is it? I’m not arguing with the bottom line, they sell like hot cakes, or pancakes maybe in this case, but yet.

    Well, the nice thing about technology, is that once you put it in the hands of millions of users, they find creative ways to use it. You think Apple planned the iPhone to be used as a Zippo lighter?

    So here comes the iPad. So cool. And then the ideas…use it for in-store survey…sign to our mailing list…trade show directory…promotional info…With connectivity built into it with such ease, it’s an amazing tool for many business and home applications.

    But. It’s so portable, that it’s more than tempting to just take it and walk away. Here comes the Wall Bracket to the rescue. This add on is a secured mount for the iPad, with options to either block the home button or not, and it elegantly secures the iPad while keeping its streamlines and functionality. Simple and cool. Check it out, they have a business and a home versions (for in-house automation, music center etc). Feel free to write a review if you got one.


    iPad Wall Mounting Bracket
    iPad Wall Mounting Bracket